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Changes to WLC program, career services continue to be ongoing projects

During the fall semester I worked with Chrystal Stanley, the director of the Professional & Career Development Center and the academic achievement coordinator.  Together we had been working to address student concerns about the career and professional development opportunities available for students in the College of Arts of Sciences. From the outreach we have done and the evaluation of the services currently available, we came to a conclusion that the concerns students have, are largely centered on not being aware of what opportunities are available to them, rather than a lack of resources or opportunities. So to address this problem we are creating an advisory board composed of students with a variety of majors from the College of Arts and Sciences to work on developing strategies about how to best communicate what resources students have.

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Other updates:

DART is working on a new transit route toward downtown Des Moines. They’re also working on getting a mobile out within the next year.

– Senator/Student Services Committee Chair Nate Bleadorn

College of Arts & Sciences working to improve website and social media efforts

– College of Education Senator Carly Hamilton on behalf of Senator/Academic Affairs Committee Chair Amanda Laurent

TV channel guides that tell students what channel corresponds to what station will be available in residence halls starting next year.

 – Senator/Campus Advancement Committee Chair David Karaz

Ice machines requested by some students are unfortunately not able to be implemented into residence halls.

 – Senator/Campus Advancement Committee Chair David Karaz