Creating an environment of inclusion, understanding

Hello Everyone!

It’s another great day to be a bulldog, for the 27th Session for Senate my goal is to celebrate more diversity on campus and promoting an understanding between the students that have different religious and cultural views. So we had an interfaith visit at the end of last fall. Specifically a week before Thanksgiving Break. Groups of students from different faith groups such as Muslims, Christians and Jews. We went to a church, an Islamic center and a synagogue. The event would not have happened without the help of Ted Hatten and our Campus Ministry.

As for this semester we will continue the effort to build the bridge and understanding between students by having Senate get involved with the effort to have an “Understanding Week,” where a different organization will share its theological belief with the students that are interested to join the talk or discussion for the week. With this effort, we are looking forward to creating a more diverse campus where the students have multiple views about issues without prejudice.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is an act that inhibits the understanding, and that can be created among people if they know about the background of the others. Let’s create a campus where people live harmoniously without having the boundaries of language, religion and race. Together let’s think a little bit about the song by John Lennon where he imagines a world live in peace hand in hand: “You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one”.

– Sen. Abdul Mateen Hashim