Critical look at retention rates for minority students

Hello fellow Bulldogs, this year my goal is to work on retention rates of minority students on campus. This goal might not show physical changes during my tenure as Diversity Interest Senator but it should form a stepping stone for improvement for Drake University. Last semester I used the time to gather information about other universities that fall in Drake’s category (Midwestern and private); specifically looking at the retention rates. I’ve also been in contact with Dr. Klimaszewski (advisor to Coalition of Black Students) and William Hatchet to speak about some issues that make minority students uncomfortable and ways the university could possible help to improve this.

My aim is to address Welcome Week programming and PMAC duties where they incorporate more cultural activities this semester. Some students find that this program/event lacks something, and they believe the goal is to meet with fellow classmates and find common grounds during that time before classes start. I hope to speak with coordinators of Welcome Back, such as Melissa Sturm-Smith to improve on how cultural and diverse these events could be for the upcoming Welcome Week.

– Sen. Shauna-Kaye Campbell
Diversity interest Senator