From the President’s Desk – Blog #4

Buzzword of the Decade: Transparency

If you have attended Drake for more than a few weeks, you most likely cringe every time you hear the word “transparency.” It is a classic Drake catchphrase that gets thrown around more often than not in all of our governing bodies – especially Student Senate.

The goal of this years Senate is not to be “transparent,” but instead to be more assessable and understandable to students. Sound like the same thing? I see the difference being tangible results. You can’t see transparency, however you can see increased Student Senate accessibility, which will hopefully create more understanding about what Student Senate does, and most importantly, how we can best serve you.

Here are a few of the ways in which Student Senate is trying to be more assessable to the Student Body:

1. We now meet in the “fish bowl” in Cowles Library

For the past decade Student Senate has meet in the Drake room in upper Olmsted. This room was small, hard to get to and somewhat intimidating. We have moved to the library, so we are more visible and assessable to students. As always anyone is welcome to attend our meetings, they take place every Thursday at 9 pm in Cowles room 201!

2. Student Body President’s Weekly Blog

Yes, I know this is a cheap plug, but this blog is an informal way for Student Senate to connect with you on your time. I will try to keep things brief and fun – I am also always open to ideas on blog topics, just let me know via email or the comment section below!

3. Monthly Newsletters

Student Senate will be sending out monthly newsletters to the Student Body this year. These will be visually pleasing and contain important info about “campus happenings,” be checking your inbox in the next few weeks for the first issue!

4. Campus Outreach Events

Student Senate will also be holding events to further engage with the Student Body. Things to look forward to include a “Senate Serves You” dinner, where our Student Senate will literally be serving students their food in Hubbell, while also seeking feedback from students. We are also looking to host a “Senators and Smores” event, more to come on those.

5. Comment mailbox in Olmsted

Within the next week there will be a metal mailbox on Student Senate’s “Wall” in Olmsted. This box can be used for comments, ideas, issues or concerns. The wall also contains all the Senator’s names and contact information.

7. Social Media 

We are continuing the use of social media to connect with students. We are trying to make it more visually pleasing and consistent.  Feel free to connect with us on Facebook (!/drakesenate) or follow our Twitter handle @DrakeStuSenate.

These are just a few of the many ways Senate is trying to reach out to Drake students. As a Senate we should be going out and listening to the student body, and not the other way around. Let me know if you have any more ideas to communicate more efficiently or to be more assessable to students.

That’s all for now, enjoy Homecoming weekend and this last bit of warm weather!