Hours of Quad Creek, coffee shops at the forefront for Buildings & Grounds

Hello students! Things have been so exciting with Senate lately! As the Buildings & Grounds senator much of my work has revolved around the discussion of the Proxy One Card Reader system, the availability of the library hours, and various renovation projects around campus.

Though it may not seem like it, as I am also the chair of the Quasi Endowment committee, we have been working hard to provide the tangible changes to improve campus for the student body as a whole. Much of our projects include renovating the former D-Shoppe space in the Olmsted Student Life Center, providing the R.A.V.E. security app to make campus safer (which everyone should download) and further discussions on ways myself and the committee can make senate’s 50 Goals a reality.

As for the spring, my goals are to make the Quad Creek cafe more accessible to students late at night, especially around midterms and finals weeks. Additionally, I am working towards the first steps of creating a coffee shop that has later hours to be accessible to students — a goal I hope to have completed by the end of the the semester. These goals are not all, but they will continue to grow and hopefully reflect what you would like to see on campus!

Have a question or concern? PLEASE contact me, I am always here to listen! My goal is to make campus better for the students, so that Drake can be and remain as great as we know it is. Do not hesitate please and, as always, I am humbled to be a representative for the students to senate, thank you for the opportunity!

– Sen. Josh Duden