New app enhances student safety

1.) The Campus Advancement committee worked on a project last semester of increasing safety around campus by upgrading the R.A.V.E system. The new system — customized to the Drake Guardian, is a Drake University Security Mobile application provided by R.A.V.E, that enhances the safety of student, faculty and staff on- and off-campus. Users have the opportunity to use their mobile devices as a personal safety device and activate a “panic button” to directly alert Drake Security. Drake Security can quickly and effectively assist the user.

Some of the advantages of this system include:

  • call (instant alert system)
  • anonymous tip system
  • precautionary Timer
  • GPS location of students
  • a “circle of guardians”option
  • disability enabled features

For more information or questions about Drake Guardian, contact

2.) The Campus Advancement committee is looking into replacing the Drake Direct system with a more efficient system. We are exploring the option of having the Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART) replace our current Drake Direct system. Currently, we are at the stage of reviewing what options they have for us in terms of service and cost options. We hope to have a proposal before the end of our term.

3.) We hope to continue the photo project as the committee had done last year and make Olmsted more appealing to students as a student life center of our campus. Our goal is to have the photos up by Relays.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions regarding anything around campus, kindly contact me via email  at I would be more than happy to work with you and make our home better!

Thank you.

– Sen. Ekta Haria