Organization Spotlight for November of 2014

Gamma Iota Sigma:

“Gamma Iota Sigma is an international risk management and actuarial science fraternity, and Drake’s chapter was just recognized as one of the top 4 chapters internationally. Not only is this an amazing feat in and of itself, but Drake’s chapter only formed 2 years ago, making it the fastest chapter to become recognized in the top 4 internationally. In addition to that recognition, Gamma Iota Sigma also won 6 other awards at the international conference and is representing Drake’s name throughout the entire insurance industry.”

F4L@Alpha Omega:

“We never miss a week of Sunday Night Supper offered to Drake students who wanted to have a nice meal outside of Drake. Every week we will have Jeff, Terry and Joni to host us, and they are happy to serve and share their insights with fellow Drake students after years since the early Drake days. F4L@Alpha Omega has been serving students since the 1980s when the cafeteria was closed every Sunday evening.”

American Marketing Association

“This organization is being spotlighted because we have seen immense growth in our general meeting attendance, and our paid membership has increased. These are two of our main goals for the year, and we are thrilled with the progress. Gaining awareness around campus is extremely important, and we hope to provide a fun and educational marketing experience!”

One Voice:

“One Voice put on a great first time Closeted Issues week. There were several examples of hate crimes against this organization throughout the week, and they repeatedly showed they were above these hurtful crimes, and continued their week with grace, high attendance and great programming.”


“SASA did an amazing job putting on Diwali Night! The performances were amazing, and the food was to die for. I really enjoyed learning more about South Asian culture, and seeing how talented our SASA EC is! Despite late arrivals and technical difficulties, the MCs and performers kept us engaged and entertained throughout the whole night. Thanks SASA!”

Drake Ultimate Club (DUC):

“DUC, the men’s ultimate frisbee team on campus, is likely entering their most successful year ever. Ranked sixth in the region last year out of division three collegiate frisbee, DUC returned all but two starters for the 2014-2015 season. What this has led to is arguably the best players in team history, as well as the wins to back it up. Over Halloween weekend, DUC traveled to Winona, Minnesota to play in a regional tournament, consisting of teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Drake Ultimate won two games and lost once in pool play to St. Mary’s, their longtime rival. In bracket play, however, DUC rallied off four straight wins to take 1st place in their division. This marks the first ever tournament championship in DUC’s history, and is definitely a sign for better things to come. The team now will practice all through winter to prepare for the second half of the season, followed by The Series, ultimate frisbee’s version of the post season. DUC hopes to place well enough in the spring tournaments to qualify for the division 3 national championships in Rockford, Illinois. Only sixteen teams in the entire nation get the privilege to attend this tournament, but DUC truly believes it can make it there and end their season with a bang.”

SURGE-Mental Health Advocacy:

“Although I am not a member of this organization, SURGE has done amazing things across, not only Drake’s campus, but the state of Iowa. SURGE has worked with Governor Branstad to declare Suicide Prevention week in Iowa. The organization has helped many students, myself included, advocate for healthy mental health practices and for victims who feel they have no one to speak for them. SURGE is a new organization that I feel will change the stigma of mental illness at Drake.”


“International Night was incredible! Props to ISA for putting on such a successful, entertaining event!”

“For an awesome international night.”

Drake Dance Team:

“The Dance Team is present at both Men’s and Women’s basketball and Men’s Football games on the sidelines and halftimes at Men’s and Women’s Soccer games. They are not required by anyone from Drake to be there but for the joy of being at games and being able to support their Drake Bulldogs. The Dance Team members dedicate many hours to practice. They participate in not only events here at Drake, but support other events in the community.”

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