Organization Spotlight

The goal of Organization Spotlight is to spotlight different organizations on campus and to thank them or give acknowledgement to the organization and why they rock. There is a link to a Google doc form that you are able to utilize at any time, which will serve as an outlet where you can submit outstanding deeds performed by organizations on campus. We would like for all of you to get more promotion for the great things you are doing. Each month or so, an organization will be spotlighted in President Joey Gale’s newsletter, as well as it will receive additional promoting on this page. Please do your best to submit commentaries on great organizations, and maybe organizations that don’t usually receive too much recognition. Like I previously stated, the purpose of this is to shed some light on all of the great things that organizations do on campus. This form is open to every student at Drake. The more submissions we get, the better the spotlight will ultimately be. For more information, please contact Kaitlin Lacek.