Senate Meeting > 10/27/11

Watch tonight’s meeting LIVE thanks to Drake Broadcasting at!!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129765577718890496!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129763111967268865!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129761865713725440!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129756274949767168!/mriebel04/status/129755257294168064!/mriebel04/status/129749408374996993!/mriebel04/status/129748299572985856!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129744260487581696!/DrakeStuSenate/status/129741184536031232!/mriebel04/status/129740628190953472

Other updates:

24 hour study space is being worked on. Updates to follow as they become available.

Drake will be host the Iowa Caucuses on December 10th. The event will be aired nationwide on ABC News. More on the ABC News website.

J-Term dates still waiting to be finalized by faculty. It would start no earlier than December 27th. This would adjust the spring semester to have 7 weeks, Spring Break, 7 more weeks of schooling then finals week.