Senate Meeting > 11/10/11

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Other updates:

Campus Advancement is talking directly to students for feedback on the student union projecy, The D-Shoppe in particular.  This is information we hope to bring back to the Bookstore (owner of D-Shoppe) so we can continue down our path of making Olmsted a better place.  Again, our overall goal is to make our student union one that will keep off-campus students on campus, that will provide a safe and fun alternative hangout place for students, and that will be a place that students see as their spot study and stay. Another issue that I did not get into my report last week regards the drinking fountains and showers in resident halls.  A representative from RHA is meeting with Mark Chambers later this week.  I will let you know about the meeting when I have more details.  Have a safe rest of your week.

 – Senator/Campus Advancement Committee Chair David Karaz


This week I attended the Sodexo Student Board of Directors meeting on behalf of the Student Services Committee. We discussed some current issues with our dining options on campus. First, Sodexo has agreed to do their best in resolving the issue of condiments being empty (ie. no ketchup) by doing routine checks during operating hours. Second, the apologize for some food shortages over the past couple of weeks as the supplier ran into issues getting the proper quantities delivered to campus. This issue has been taken care of, and we are back on our normal schedule. They are still evaluating alternatives that will keep the tray return area more efficient and cleaner, and they will keep us updated on their progress. We gave them positive feedback on their resurrection of the plain pasta with sauce options at the Hub. South location and encouraged them to continue to come to students with questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact me with any items you wish to have passed along.

– Senator/Student Services Committee Chair Nate Bleadorn