Senior Spotlight: Joey Gale

Senior Spotlight Q&A

Joey Gale – Student Body President


Joey Gale is serving Drake University as this year’s student body president, and has been working hard to make positive changes on campus. Joey has been involved in student senate ever since his first year at Drake, and says he has learned a lot from these experiences.


What was your first position on student senate, and what did you take away from that experience?

Joey: “I first started in the student senate on the First Year Interest Committee my first year. It was a really cool way to get to see how the senate works and get involved right away on campus. That committee helped teach me that every player matters on the team. Every committee is important, and does good work.”


What is your favorite project you have accomplished through student senate?

Joey: “My favorite accomplishment has to be a recent program I created. The Coffee Hours program has been something that I’ve had on my radar for a while now. It was incredibly exciting to get such positive feedback from both faculty and students about something the senate created.”

You can read more about coffee hours here.


How have you grown through your involvement in student senate?

Joey: “I’m not sure I can exactly measure how much student senate has had an impact on me as a person and as a student leader. I’ve learned and developed in ways that I never anticipated when coming to Drake. I’ve become an expert in time management, I’ve developed my communication and speaking skills immensely, and I’ve learned to be more patient.”


What is the most important lesson you have learned from student senate?

Joey: “To never take no as an answer. If the system is broken, then fix it!”


Do you have any advice for students considering getting involved in student senate?

Joey: “DO IT! Student senate is just as much a leadership opportunity as it is a learning experience. If you are interested in running, talk to a current student senator.”


What advice do you have for the next student body president?

Joey: “Focus, be persistent, and don’t forget why you were elected. It’s a tough yet exciting job. Always try your best and understand that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.”


Anything else you want to add regarding student senate?

Joey: “I’m really excited to see the next generation of student senate take over. It was an absolute pleasure working with the 28th session this year.”


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