Ex-Officio Senate Members serve to further the needs and interests of the Student Senate and the student body through their individual roles and positions. Through an application process, Ex-Officio Members are appointed to their positions at the end of the spring semester by the Executive Officers and serve for a full year.

Meet your Ex-Officio Senate Members:



Josh Hughes & AJ Treiber

The Election Commission is responsible for planning, developing, and overseeing Student Senate Elections as well as establishing the Certified Election Rules. The Election Commission is lead by the Election Commission Co-Chairs.

Jordan Lundquist

The Graphic Design Officer is responsible for the management, organization, development, and design of all Student Senate materials and communications.

Will Bredensteiner

The Historian is responsible for managing the informational resources of the Student Senate and ensuring that documents and other resources are made available to Student Senate upon request. He or she also assists in the transitioning of Student Senate sessions.

Runal Patel

The Parliamentarian attends all regular meetings of the Student Senate. He or she is primarily responsible for maintaining the speaking order and enforcing the use of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Liz Bregenzer

The Public Affairs Officer regularly attends the meetings of the Student Senate. He or she is primarily responsible for overseeing all publicity and communication of the Student Senate to the student body, faculty, staff, and members of the community and overseeing the Student Senate social media accounts.

Gabe Altebrand

The Secretary attends all regular meetings of the Student Senate. He or she is primarily responsible for taking the meeting minutes and making sure they are distributed to the Student Senate following meetings.

Trevor Matusik

The Student Body Auditor primary responsibilities are to review all expenditures made using Student Activity Fees, to ensure the proper use and allocation of such fees, and to monitor the expenditures of the executive officers of all annually funded student organizations. The Student Body Auditor works with the Student Fees Allocation Committee and works closely with the Student Body Treasurer.

Dustin Casey

The Web Liaison is primarily in charge of the creation and maintenance of the Student Senate online/website material. He or she keeps the website and online pages up-to-date with updates, agendas, and minutes each week.