Runal Patel

Hi there! My name is Runal A. Patel and I’m a first-year double majoring in politics and economics with a minor in Spanish. I’m from Des Plaines, Illinois just under an hour northwest of Chicago (and yes, I guess you can say I like towns that start with “Des”). I really enjoy singing in a choir, getting involved politically, playing very competitive games of Mario Kart, trying new restaurants, and wearing a suit as often as I can.

Currently, I sing Tenor II in Drake Choir, write for Drake Political Review, am a member of the Honors Program, and serve as Third Floor Representative for Stalnaker Hall among other things.

I’m looking forward to serving as Parliamentarian for the 31st Session of Student Senate! Student Senate is responsible for governing a large swath of campus life and I look forward to the challenge of assisting President Paulsen with running Senate meetings.

This year I will be focusing on ensuring that Student Senate operates efficiently and expanding the role of Parliamentarian to further assist the senators with their work.

If you ever want to talk, grab a coffee, or discuss Senate, just send me an email at




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