Student Body Treasurer

JD Stehwien

JD Stehwien

Hey, Bulldogs! My name is JD Stehwien and I will be serving as Student Body Treasurer this upcoming year! I am a junior Quantitative Economics and Data Analytics. This is my first year on Senate and I am ready to serve the student body.

Last year, I was a member of Treasurer Matusik’s committee and I had a blast (being on a Senate committee was one of my favorite parts of Sophomore year and everyone should consider it). It was very rewarding to be able to help student organizations and it was exciting to have a close look at all of the work they do.

Outside of Senate, I serve as a Resident Assistant in Morehouse, Executive Vice-President of the Interfraternity Council, and Vice-President of Finance of my fraternity. I try to stay pretty busy, but you can always reach me via email at

This year, I plan to spend a lot of time understanding the ins and outs of every student organization in order to better assist them during the year. I will also be looking at ways to improve the funding process at Drake University during my time in office. The treasurer position is undergoing a lot of changes this year and I excited to be the first person to serve in this updated role.

I also enjoy more traditionally fun activities! I am from Kansas City and love the Royals and the Chiefs. I love hanging around Des Moines and am always down for exploring downtown. Feel free to reach out anytime! Whether it is regarding Senate or not, I am only an email away.