Vice President of Student Activities

Nick Jenderko

Nick Jenderko

Hey Bulldogs! I’m Nick Jenderko, and I am the Vice President of Student Activities! I am a junior studying Health Sciences with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Leadership, and I am from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

I have been a part of Student Senate over the past couple years, my first year I was on the Community Outreach committee and last year I served as the Secretary. I have absolutely loved being involved with this organization since I walked onto campus, and I’m so excited to utilize my new role this year to best serve the student body this year!

I decided to run for this position because of my passion for Student Activities Board and activity planning on campus in combination with my passion for Student Senate. I believe activities and events are some of the most effective ways to make direct impacts on people, and I love to be a part of those experiences. With my position, my main priorities are to create a better sense of unity on campus and help other organizations in planning activities.

Outside of Senate and SAB, I have been involved with a couple other things such as being an Orientation Leader and a PMAC, and I also work at Mercy Hospital. As for some fun facts about me: my favorite activity is eating basically any type of food, I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd in the world, and I love to awkwardly dance to almost any song out there.