Academic Affairs

Nick Johnston

Hi there! My name is Nick Johnston and I’m a sophomore studying biochemistry, cell, and molecular biology (BCMB). I’m from the relatively small rural town of Osceola, Iowa just about an hour south of Des Moines (and yes, I do live on a farm)! I love skiing, biking (RAGBRAI!!!!(okay I’ve only done it all the way through once but it’s still awesome)), a wide variety of board games (Diplomacy is my favorite), and using excessive parentheses to elaborate on my points (you’ve probably already figured that out though). 

Currently, I’m involved in the social fraternity Theta Chi, the professional fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, and I’m an RA in Goodwin-Kirk!

I’m super excited to serve as Academic Affairs Senator-at-Large for the 31st Session of Student Senate! Drake University is a fantastic institution with a reputation for strong academics. It’s so exciting to work with faculty as a medium between those who design the curriculum and the students who experience it.

This year I will be focusing on ensuring that students know about upcoming changes to the curriculum or other important academic information that sometimes is not communicated to students in the way that it should.

If you ever want to talk academics or about anything Senate related, just let me know! You can reach me at

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