Student advising top priority for AAC

Academic Affairs has a busy semester ahead, but we’re ready for the challenge. This semester the Academic Affairs Committee will continue to work on Student Senate’s 50 Goals, and start some exciting, new projects.

Academic Affairs will continue to be the liaison between Faculty Senate and the student body. We promise to keep students updated on all developing policies related to grading, curriculum and any other academic issues. Among other things, our committee will be working on some college programming this semester — with events focusing on career building, advising and showcasing the different majors and programs Drake has to offer.

I will also be working with a few senators this semester on an advising TIG, or taskforce implementation group, where we will look at the roles of advisors at Drake as compared to other universities our size. Our committee mission this semester is to progress Drake’s advising program, develop new programs related to the specific schools, to keep students informed on all academic initiatives.

Finally, to be accessible to students on any issues pertaining to academics. Our weekly office hours will be posted in the Student Life Office and you can always reach us by email (which can be found on the student senate website). Here’s to a great 2014 Spring Semester!

-Sen. Olivia O’Hea