Student Senate Spotlight – Beth LeValley

Meet the person behind the position! Student Senate Spotlight is a fun way for us to showcase our members of Senate and for you to get to know them a little better! This week in the Spotlight:

Beth LeValley – School of Journalism and Mass Communication Academic Senator

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Year In School: Senior

Major: Marketing and News/Internet Journalism

Hometown: Waukee, IA

Campus Involvement: President/Editorial Director of Spoon University, member of Drake Chorale, previously a writer for the TD & Drake Magazine.

What made you join Student Senate? “I want the best for the SJMC students, and I think I can contribute to that. There are fantastic students on Student Senate this year, and I think there’s potential for big change on Drake’s campus. After watching senate function for the past few years, I’ve realized that students can make a big difference.”

Hobbies/Interests: “I love cooking and baking, including decorating cakes and cupcakes. I also am a huge advocate for Des Moines, so I love going out and seeing the opportunities Des Moines has to offer.”

Favorite Book(s): Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Favorite Movie(s): Across the Universe

Favorite TV Show(s): Parks & Rec

General Advice: “Advice for underclassmen: Go out and get involved! Make new friends. You’re never too old to meet new people. Be aware of your surroundings, respect everyone and have an open mind — then you’ll be successful in the real world.”

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