Technology Update from Senator Joey Gale

Hey Drake students!

Joey Gale here, your Student Senate Technology Liaison.  First off I would like to thank you for your fantastic input you have given me and the other senators this year. You are the ones with the voice; we make your ideas possible. With that being said, a great deal has happened this year in the realm of the Tech Liaison.

What has happened so far:

  • Successfully upgraded our CenturyLink bandwidth from 200 to 400 megabits.
  • Approved and implemented new Board of Student Communication bylaws
  • Passed a recommendation to Drake OIT to install LCD presentations TV’s and Projectors in multiple locations across campus.
  • Attended all of the DUIT meetings this year to stay informed with Drake OIT
  • Provided input to the BSC to move publication websites to the new CMS hosted at Drake.
  • Looked at and reviewed Xerox at Drake with many faculty members
  • Proposed the ability to install quick tabs on blueView in conjunction with Drake OIT.
  • Providing input on which lecture capture software Drake should use.

What I will continue to do:

  • Work on securing the the projectors and TV’s in the meeting spaces
  • Oversee student reactions positively to the new Drake website that goes live on January 5-6 2013.
  • Serve to seek and promote students advice and ideas to better our university.
  • Use social media as a tool to communicate with students.
  • Continue to attend the rest of the DUIT meetings this year.
  • Seek more input on Xerox at Drake from a student perspective.
  • Develop more feedback for the uses of a Drake ID.


As always I look forward to your tweets (@joeyjgale), posts and comments on what we can do to not only make our university better, but how we can strive to be the best. I wish you all great luck with your finals, and look forward to a superb second semester in 2013.


Joey Gale
Student Senator at Large
Technology Liaison