Welcome class of 2017: get involved, make a difference

Welcome Drake University Class of 2017!

I hope you are having a wonderful transition into college.  You are about to embark on your fist round of college courses, campus events and participation in extra curricular activities.

It’s important to stay active and well rounded in all areas of your college career.

My name is Emily Grimm and I am a junior politics major from Roscoe, Ill.  Like most of you when I started my time at Drake I wanted to really experience college and get involved in as much as I could.

A great way to stay involved on campus is to join any of the amazing organizations Drake has to offer.  An easy way to make a difference on campus is to join Student Senate! Senate is a great way to connect with students, work with Drake staff, and the neighborhood and community as a whole.

I joined a Student Senate committee my first year and loved being able to work on projects that impacted campus directly.  I wanted to continue my leadership experience within Senate by running for a Senator-At-Large position.  I ran again last year, and am extremely excited to work with the class of 2017, making campus life even better.

This website is a great tool to utilize your first year here.  There is a bounty of information available on how to create organizations, run for positions, and how to get involved.  All contact information for Senators and executive leaders are also available.  More information concerning various campus activities and what Drake University has to offer will be coming.

I have 5 general small pieces of advice for you all before you officially embark on your college careers.

  1. Get Involved — Whether this is Student Senate or the other 170 organizations Drake has to offer, become passionate about something outside the classroom.
  2. Stay Organized — In college your parents aren’t there to remind you to study for your test or do your laundry.  College is where you grow and learn to take responsibility for yourself.
  3. Be Smart — You are all adults now, it is important to be smart inside and outside the classroom
  4. Stay Healthy — A healthy mind and a healthy body are the key to a strong and successful college career.
  5. Have Fun — Remember, college is the best four years of your life.  You meet the people you will be friends with for the rest of your life and share experiences you will treasure forever.

Enjoy your first year at Drake and remember Student Senate is here for you!

– Emily Grimm