Welcome to the 24th Session!

Thanks for visiting the Drake University Student Senate website! As we gear up for the start of our 24th Session, we’re rolling out a whole new way of communicating with you, our peers and our constituents. Your senators and executive officers will update this blog regularly to share their goals, progress and successes with you. We’ll also post the agendas and motions for our weekly meetings, held each Thursday at 9 pm in the Drake Room, Upper Olmsted. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend and share your ideas, opinions and concerns.

We want this blog to be a forum for open, honest, two-way communication, so please share your thoughts and suggestions in a productive way through the commenting features on most pages. If you’re interested in learning more about any specific project, motion or committee, contact that senator via email or stop by the Student Senate office in Olmsted during the executive officers’ weekly office hours.

Take a look around, share your opinions and visit the site regularly for updates!